How To Form Healthy Habits

healthy eating habits

I think about healthy habits a lot. A healthy habit is any behavior that is beneficial to one’s physical, mental, or emotional well-being. Regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and adequate sleep are perfect examples. But knowing what constitutes a healthy habit isn’t enough. I’ve learned that diving into the psychology that …

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The Healing Power Of Meditation And Mindfulness

A girl working on meditation and mindfulness

You have heard about meditation and mindfulness. They’re not just buzzwords but well-founded practices with deep historical roots. Meditation often refers to the formal training of focusing the mind and finding stillness, while mindfulness involves maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and environment. Tracing back thousands of years, …

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Healthy Habits For Emotional Eating

Stop Emotional Eating

Whether it’s stress, boredom, or sadness, turning to food for comfort can often lead to unhealthy eating habits and weight gain. Emotional eating is a common phenomenon many individuals experience at some point in their lives. Whether it’s turning to food for comfort during stressful times or seeking solace in …

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