Why Sleep Is Important To Your Health?

Sleep plays an important role in our life. Lack of sleep can also lead to obesity, diabetes, depression and anxiety. It also affect our nervous system and cause memory loss, weakened immune system and psychiatric problems.

Furthermore, it causes heart related problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack or heart stroke. We struggle to focus on our job and which in turn affect our progress.

So, it is always a good idea to sleeping for 7–8 hours so that we can live a healthy life with a healthy mind.


There are some adverse effects physically as well as mentally. Below are some adverse effects which can seen such as:-

1. Reduced brain function:- The brain removes waste and plaque during sleep. You may will feel irritability and sometimes headache throughout the day.

2. Weight gain:- Sleep balances hormones that makes you feel hungry or full. Furthermore, it will elevate hunger hormone ghrelin. Furthermore, it leads to weight gain.

3. Weakened immune system:- Our immune system becomes low and we can easily fall sick.

4. Mood imbalances:- We start to feel mood swings and feel low .

5. Risk of heart problems:- We can get heart problems such as heart stroke, heart attack, lung disorders etc.

6. Risk of diabetes:- It may increase cortisol which is associated with insulin resistance.

7. Higher anxiety levels and poor coordination:- Our anxiety level increases and our concentration level decreases.


Sleeping at the same time and waking at the same time everyday helps you to set your body timetable to work effectively. Turn down the lights as Light and darkness sends signals to your body.

The ideal time to do the exercise is early in the morning. So, it is a better idea to do the exercise early so that our body can be active throughout the day and we can get a good night sleep at night.

Meditation makes the body relax and calm which leads to a better sleep.

Few steps of meditation for Beginners:-

Step 1:-Sit with a good posture(preferred sukhasana)

Step 2:-Place Your hands on knees with palms facing upwards

Step 3:-Keep your spine straight

Step 4:-Close your eyes

Step 5:-Focus on your breath

Step 6:-Observe your incoming and outgoing thoughts carefully

Step 7:-Continue for 108 breaths.

That’s it. It is said that it takes 21 days to convert anything into a habit. So why not give it a try. You will definitely feel the difference in a couple of weeks.

Please let me know your comments below. I would love to have your opinion about your experience of meditation.

Limit daytime naps. Switch off the gadgets 2 hrs before sleeping. Studies have found that one who keep watching devices such as mobile, laptop at night not only face with sleep problems but also face eye related problems as well as lack of concentration and anxiety problems.

Avoid drinking coffee at nighttime. Also, drinking coffee more than once a day can make you fall asleep at night. So, it is a better idea to also limit its consumption.


  1. We should sleep at least 7-8 hours everyday so that our body functions properly.
  2. Lack of sleep can tend to problems such as heart attack, diabetes, poor concentration and weight gain.

I would love to have your comments on this article. I appreciate it if you could leave me a comment.

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