‘Home Doctor’ Complete Review

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  1. How to recognize a heart attack and what to do next?
  2. Why You Should Put Garlic in Your Ear Before Going to Sleep?
  3. What happens when you take Expired Medications?
  4. Does your backyard grow a natural painkiller?
  5. What happens if you take the wrong Probiotics?
  6. How to know the cause if you have got abdominal pain?
  7. How to deal with Injuries?
  8. How can you deep sleep like a baby again?

If yes then congratulations, you have a vast knowledge, if not, read further as this article is definitely going to answer it.

This article will give you a complete review of the book ‘HOME DOCTOR”

In this article, you will see

  1. What is the ‘Home doctor’?
  2. What is inside the book?
  3. How is ‘Home Doctor’ different from other books and why you should buy it?

1. What is the ‘Home doctor’?

The ‘Home Doctor’ is a 304-page complete guide on how to manage most health situations when help is not on the way. This book is a unique guide for the layman that you can use when help is not on the way or to manage common ailments that don’t require seeing a doctor.

There is no better example than the covid 19 pandemic., It was strictly forbidden for us to leave the house. We panic when something which is not very severe happens, like stomach pain or nausea. We can turn to these books like friends during those times.


2. What is inside the ‘Home Doctor’ book?

This book will provide detailed answers to all the above questions.

Not only this, you will also come to know

  • 40 Interesting Home remedies from Our Grandparents.
  • A step -by step approach to dealing with almost every skin injury and condition.
  • The 1-minute stretch that relieves most back and neck pains. So everything is in just one book.
  • Remedies for the Flu and other Respiratory Issues.

Lets us discuss some of the questions.

  • How to Recognize a Stroke and what can you do immediately afterward?

Everyone knows that when dealing with a stroke, time is of the essence and every second counts. If you act quickly, most of the time your body can recover completely. Alternatively, many people end up partially paralyzed or worse. Inside the Home Doctor, you will learn the fastest way you can recognize it and the one thing you must do immediately to improve your chances.

  • What happens if you take the wrong probiotics?

Probiotics are microorganisms that live inside your gut and influence your metabolism and overall health

If taken incorrectly, they can trigger allergies. Many people gain a lot of weight by taking bad probiotics. This book will explain what type of probiotics you must take in order to improve your digestion and help you get rid of gas, absorb the maximum amount of good nutrients from the food you eat, and take care of both diarrhea and constipation.

One stretch that if done regularly, can relieve most back and neck pains

Not only this, You’ll also learn

  • About the little-known body signs that tell you if you have hidden inflammation inside your body at this very moment.
  • How you can turn the eggshells you throw away into calcium pills that will be greatly appreciated in times of need or when food becomes scarce.
  • A dental infection can quickly become a nuisance, so you want to know how to take care of it the right way. Did you ever have a really bad toothache that just wouldn’t go away? Here, you will learn how to take care of toothaches and mouth Infections when you can’t visit a dentist.

How to Know What’s Wrong if You’ve Got Abdominal Pain

There will be complete guidance on what to do if you’re experiencing pain in your abdomen. Inside the Home doctor, It is explained in depth with a complete diagram with nine sections of the abdomen that, upon palpation, should reveal where the problem is.

Do you know that Salt acts as a mild abrasive that helps remove stains and brighten teeth?

On the other hand, mustard oil helps strengthen your gums and makes it easier to remove plaque naturally. It also contains a natural source of fluoride, which is a bonus for your teeth. You’ll also discover the old mustard oil and salt remedy that people used to restore gums and remove plaque.

Do you want to sleep Like a Baby Again?

You’ll also find out about some of the ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen right now, which, when mixed the right way, can help you fall asleep. You don’t want to miss this recipe. right?

How is ‘Home Doctor’ different from other books and why you should go for it?


1. This book not only explains why the problem occurs but also provides the solution with a logical reason and explanation.

2. This book will help you to replace your sleeping pills with a recipe made with natural ingredients as it’s natural and completely safe. With this, you will also save money buying expensive pills.

3. You will come to know many easy-to-use solutions like wrapping cabbage for Inflammation, mixing mustard oil and salt
for tooth decay, with the ingredients that you will easily find in any store.

4. 25 remedies made from things you usually throw away.

Whatever we discussed is just a drop in the ocean. Besides this, There are a lot of useful remedies provided for different health issues.

What you will get?

  1. Home Doctor” book can be purchased with 2 options:-

Option 1:- If you want only digital Book

home doctor digital book option

Option 2:- If you want both Physical as well as a Digital book

home doctor book cost

*Both options includes 60 days Money Back Guarantee

60 days money back guarantee

2. Along with this , if you decide to place a copy of the book

TWO additional books for FREE

1. Wild Edibles and Medicinal Herbs You Can Forage for or Find Around Your House

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2. Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans

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‘HOME DOCTOR’ is a must-have book at every home as it provides answers to many health issues you face on your day-to-day life basis. In the worst case scenario, this kind of information can really come in handy. With the Home Doctor, you can become a “home doc” yourself. This book will empower you, to take care of yourself and your loved ones when doctors and hospitals are not available anymore. Please let me know your comments about the book.

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